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A birthday is always a reason to celebrate, but a milestone birthday is a major reason to do something even more special! And a party bus can help you make that happen. Here’s why a party bus rental is perfect for a milestone birthday and some birthday ideas to help inspire you.

What is a Milestone Birthday?

A milestone birthday can be two things – a significant birthday where you are now legally achieving a milestone (becoming an adult, being able to drink alcohol, etc.) and also the turning of a decade.

For young adults, milestone birthdays include turning 18 and 21. These moments mark their transition into adulthood and all the excitement and responsibilities that come with it. After this, it’s common to celebrate big for all the years ending in zero. These include 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, and so on. Not only is it exciting to celebrate such a big birthday, but it’s also a great opportunity for reflection and gratitude.

Why a Party Bus is Perfect for a Milestone Birthday

For a milestone birthday, or really any birthday, a party bus can help make your day even more special! For milestone birthdays especially, though, it’s fun to party it up in a big way.

Whether you want to celebrate your 21st birthday by bar hopping or you want to go on a winery tour for your 40th, having solid transportation is an important part of logistics. You want to celebrate with your friends, and designated drivers can leave some people feeling left out, and rideshares can get expensive quickly. With a party bus rental, you can worry less about all that and spend more time celebrating! These vehicles are safe, comfortable, and built for partying.

Milestone Birthday Ideas

Let’s go over some milestone birthday ideas and how a party bus can help you for every birthday celebration!

Teens – Quinceaneras, 18th Birthday

Milestone birthdays in the teen years are a rite of passage into adulthood that should be celebrated.

For a quinceanera, partying it up big is a given. And during this special day, it’s only right to help make sure your daughter feels like a queen. A party bus can not only ensure she gets the VIP treatment, but it will provide seamless transportation for her, her close friends, and all the family members throughout the day.

For an 18th birthday, consider having a more grown-up celebration to get your teen excited about their transition into adulthood. A glamourous red carpet event or a chic dinner party at a nice restaurant are sophisticated yet fun themes that will get your teen excited. And, of course, grown-up doesn’t mean boring, so a party bus will help keep the fun alive while ensuring everyone gets to and from the event safely.

21st Birthday Bashes

The 21st birthday is all about one thing typically – alcohol! Ring in this exciting part of adulthood by organizing an event that plays into this new stage of life. A cocktail party can be a fun and classy option, while bar and club hopping with friends plays into a more traditional party idea for a 21st birthday.

If you’re going to be bar and club hopping, keep transportation in mind. Drinking and driving is never okay. A party bus can keep it safe, fun, and will ensure you and all your friends make it home at the end of the night.

30th Birthday Celebrations

Turning 30 is a major life milestone, often associated with maturity and a new phase of adulthood. A sophisticated dinner party or wine-tasting event can help you ring in this new stage in a chic way.

Of course, just because you’re turning 30 doesn’t mean you have to do away with all the fun things. After all, you’re 30, flirty, and thriving! Why not have a themed party and a night on the town with friends? Ring in this new stage of life with a “Sparkling 30s” party, complete with sparkles, glitter, and lots of champagne. Or host a 90s-themed decades party! Rent a party bus to make the event even more special, decorate the bus, and encourage everyone to come in costume. Ride around with friends while you sing and drink the night away.

40+ Birthday Ideas

Celebrating the big 4-0 and up is a significant occasion. There’s always lots to be grateful for and to look forward to! This is the time to celebrate achievements, wisdom gained, and adventures yet to come.

If you want to keep it lowkey, consider a luxury retreat. Whether by yourself or with a couple of friends, spending time relaxing and rejuvenating is a wonderful way to ring in your new age. Hiring transportation will ensure there’s no stress about parking, traffic, or navigation. If you want to surprise someone for their milestone birthday, a classic birthday idea is throwing them a surprise party with close friends and family. While a party bus will only make the surprise more grand, a friend’s home or their favorite restaurant are perfect places to consider as well.

Let Us Help You Have the Best Milestone Birthday

We hope you enjoyed these birthday ideas and use them for your family, friends, or even your own milestone birthday! If you want to make a birthday an even more special celebration, Glendale Party Bus is ready to help you.

We have a fleet of party buses for you to choose from that each offer special features inside, a licensed driver to chauffeur you, and attentive customer service. Our party buses are ready to pick you up in GlendalePeoriaPhoenix, or Scottsdale and provide transportation for the special day. We look forward to being your chauffeur and helping you create a memorable experience!

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